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Forest of Wisdom
Grounding - Immune Boosting -  Decreases Inflammation

Forest of Wisdom is a smokey, cardamom chai with chaga. A unique flavor experience, it’s brewed with black cardamom and a special black tea that comes from ancient Chinese plants. It has a full, earthy, smokey flavor.

Crafters Notes
This blend came about after I tasted a tea picked from a tree that was over thousands of years old. The flavor was earthy, bold, and transforming. I felt as if the plant knew how to transform, how to adapt to its environment and produce life and bounty. I then crafted a smokey tea so others could have the same experience. 

What You Get: Your order will include a tea tin with about 1.7oz of loose leaf tea (8-14 servings).

Ingredients (all organic): Ancient Forest Black Tea, Black Cardamom, Chaga, Ginger, Clove 

Brewing Instructions: Add one heaping teaspoon of tea for every 8oz of boiling water, steep for 5-10 min, strain, then add a dab of honey, and a splash of your favorite milk.

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